Grace Tales

March 10th 2019

Positive Discipline Expert Joy Marchese On Punishment, Connection and Encouraging Our Children To Be Their Best

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Sheer Luxe

September 3rd 2019

Parenting 101: 8 Tips for A Successful School Year

Starting a school year is an exciting, yet stressful time for many. Whether it’s re-establishing daytime routines, getting kids back on a consistent sleep schedule, or dealing with a child’s social or academic anxiety, we all could use a bit of extra support… Read More


September 17th 2019

What is wrong with praise and rewards for Kids? And what are some alternatives?

One problem with praise and rewards is that they work. Not only that; kids love both, and will often behave better to receive them…. Read More


December 20th 2018

She is dynamic! A wife. A mother. An educator. A writer. A traveler. And a complete inspiration- among other sentiments.

Having an Italian (her roots) wintery lunch in mid town New York recently with this inspiring lady was life changing.

Joy Marchese is little pocket rocket of everything that is calming for today's busy and overwhelmed parent! … Read More

The Homeworker Magazine

July 2019

The Juggle, Your Dreams Count Too!

Is it possible to fulfil yourself professionally and personally? Can we really have it all? The answer is yes, just not always at the same time. Pursuing personal and professional goals doesn’t have to mean trade-offs. They can be mutually beneficial and provide a positive way of living…Read More

The Homeworker Magazine

July 2019

Pocket Money, What’s the Best Way to Learn? Teach!

Teaching money management to your children is an essential part of developing their responsibility and exploring personal power. But did you ever consider that by teaching your children about money you may also be learning better money management yourself?...Read More



November 24th 2018

How to Stop Yelling At Your Kids In Three Days, Because It's Not Doing Them (Or You) Any Good… Read More


The Mommy View:

Sept 17th 2018

What is Positive Discipline? Tips for Busy Parents.. Read More



As Told By Nomads, by Tayo Rockson

September 11th 2018

Today’s episode is on raising children, while one of life’s most rewarding experiences, is also one of the most complicated. I talk with two of the authors of POSITIVE DISCIPLINE FOR TODAY’S BUSY (AND OVERWHELMED) PARENT: How to Balance Work, Parenting, and Self for Lasting Well-Being Listen to Podcast


Not Just Cute, by Amanda Morgan

Episode 19: Positive Discipline for Today’s Busy (& Overwhelmed) Parent Listen to Podcast



Book Room Reviews

September 1st 2018

Raising and parenting children, while one of life’s most rewarding experiences, is also one of the most complicated. Regardless of whether you are a full-time parent or working in or out of your home, balancing your job, parenting, and self-care is one of the biggest challenges you face... Read More


Motherhood Moment:

August 27th 2018

Parenting Pointers

This user-friendly guide that gives parents the tools they need to parent effectively without sacrificing their well-being or giving up on their life goals… Read More


Deep in Mummy Matters:

Is Positive Discipline the game changer your family needs? …Read More

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September 28th 2018

How to Ensure a Healthy Sense of Belonging and Significance in Your Kids… Read More

Allie Seidel:

Parenting Resources… Read More