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Kristina is an author, artist and coach. Kristina’s second co-authored book, Positive Discipline for Today’s Busy (& Overwhelmed) Parent, was published by Harmony Books NYC, in September 2018.  Her first co-authored book, 101 Days to Make a Change (Crown House UK 2011) was nominated at the 2012 People's Book Prize in two categories, Best Non-Fiction and Best Debut Writer.  She has released three albums of critically acclaimed music, and has created several music films to support her work.  Early in her career, Kristina worked as an actor and TV presenter, and has continued as a filmmaker to produce communications pieces. She is a prolific voice over artist working across television, film and corporate media. She is a highly sought after coach specializing in leadership, communication and personal impact, and has developed and run training for adults for over 20 years across Europe and the US.  

With many different talents and qualifications, Kristina feels uniquely positioned to advocate and guide her audience, readers and clients away from fragmentation and towards cohesion: By striving to be your authentic self, there is no need to 'change hats' depending on the situation.  She believes that with the right support this mind-set can be developed and maintained with balance and harmony. 



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Meet Jenny- a beloved primary school teacher who has been coined a child whisperer and is affectionately known to many as Miss Honey, from Roald Dahl’s highly acclaimed Matilda. 

For over a decade, Jenny has taught across three continents from Chicago’s North Shore, to an American school in the heart of London, to her most recent stop: a wall less bamboo school in the jungles of Bali, Indonesia. 

With an undergraduate degree in elementary education and a Masters degree from UCL’s Institute of Education, Jenny holds a rich, deep understanding of early childhood development and stays current with research, best practice, and the realities of today’s home life to offer families a hand (and hug when needed) in raising their children. 

As a Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Jenny is available to guide you on your journey as a parent through tailor made parenting workshops and/or individualized in home partnerships. Jenny feels it is her calling to help nurture childhood and our nurturers (parents!) by bringing back the “it takes a village approach” to raising our world’s future generation. 



As a child of an army doctor Aerian experienced many different countries and cultures from an early age and continued her travels with her own family in South Africa, USA and Hong Kong.

Since returning to the UK twenty years ago, Aerian has worked at the American School in London (ASL) as the lower school (primary school) counsellor.  A great deal of her work at ASL has involved working very closely with children and their families.  

It was at ASL just over seven years ago that she was introduced to Positive Discipline.  It immediately resonated with the way she worked and with the way she had been raising her own two children.  Positive Discipline has formed the essential basis for both her work and family approach ever since.

Aerian is grandmother to two [and counting] gorgeous toddlers!



Stephanie Oliver, MFT is a UKCP registered famly and systemic psychotherapist hailing from Portland, Oregon. She brings with her many years of experience working with families and couples in a variety of settings including mental health clinics, schools, and community organizations.  Stephanie is a certified positive discipline parent educator and finds the practicalities and philosophy behind Positive Discipline to compliment her work as a therapist.