Corporate Workshops

Work life balance is important to employers because if staff do not achieve work life integration, it leads to potential long and short term sickness, increased turnover and less efficiency and productivity.  Employers have a responsibility to help staff achieve a work life balance and how to do this is sometimes unclear to employers  – whether it is giving them time off, flexible working hours, parenting benefits or Leadership coaching.

Positive Discipline UK offers workshops for parents in the workplace, as well as leadership Training. We deliver dynamic, experiential, and informative workshops to professionals across the globe. 

For Today's Busy Professional Parent

achieve your career goals and also be the best parent you can be!

Simply because you work long hours or have strong career ambitions doesn’t mean that you can’t spend quality time with your loved ones. More recently, work life balance has become something that organizations and corporations have prioritized for their employees. Giving employees a better lifestyle promotes productivity and those employees that feel they receive a good work life balance are more likely to be more loyal to the company.

We understand the challenges parents face in balancing work and family life and also appreciate that time is very limited. We aim to provide practical and applicable information in order to give  parents the skills to make life at home less stressful and more rewarding. Our goal is to empower busy professional parents to maximize the time they spend with their children and the time they spend at work. Parents  leave with tools that can be implemented immediately in that precious time that they have with their children.  

In making their home life more streamlined and efficient, the pressure of maintaining a work/life balance is eased. This allows for higher productivity at work. Employers see the significance that a healthy work/life balance makes on employee engagement and attendance. It makes sense for employers to take advantage of the skills and tools offered by Positive Discipline that can be applied both in the home and in the workplace.  The results will be empowered professionals and increased efficiency and productivity.

Leadership Training

Positive Discipline in the Workplace has been designed to share experiential activities to connect PD principles with business audiences who want to create a culture of mutual respect in the workplace. This program stands alone or offers significant enhancement to other leadership programs; it emphasizes experiential activities to inspire deeper understanding and change. Participants love the Team Problem Solving Steps because this process provides a fun and effective way for them to get specific help with real opportunities and challenges at work.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  1. Learn ways to use empowering methods of communication to promote a respectful, highly effective workplace environment.

  2. Delve into childhood memories to discover how you formed some of your own belief systems.

  3. Participate in experiential activities for better understanding of how to be encouraging to yourself and others.

  4. Learn how the Team Problem Solving Steps (that are so effective in families, classrooms, and marriages), are also fun and effective in businesses.

We thought the session was excellent. Kristina and Joy have an amazing ability to engage with the audience, create an inclusive environment and really make participants make the best out of the session. The positive discipline session had record attendance, and we got excellent feedback from attendees.
— Maria, Global Investment Bank

Joy and Kristina engaged the whole room, feedback was overwhelmingly positive and people left the training feeling inspired.

~ Heather Day FCA, PGIM Real Estate