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what is positive discipline?

And how it will change your life?   If you are a parent, teacher, in the work place or want to improve your relationship with your partner - the Positive Discipline philosophy will provide you with applicable tools that can make a difference in your life starting today.

Positive Discipline gives you the tools to deal with challenges such as power struggles, disrespectful behavior, attention seeking behavior, lack of motivation and drive, and much more.  It also provides you with the tools and language to build healthy, happy, and  positive relationships moving forward.

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Jane Nelsen, coauthor of the popular Positive Discipline series, along with Positive Discipline Educators Joy Marchese and Kristina Bill, put forth a new volume for parents looking to make their overburdened lives a little easier. With the increasing pressure to excel at parenting, work, and personal relationships, it's easy to feel stressed and dissatisfied.

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Parent Classes

Are you a Parent that feels overwhelmed and doesn't know what to do if your child is throwing a tantrum, or your kids are fighting with each other, or they won't do their home work?  Does each day feel like a power struggle? ( a battle just to get through the day). Do you just want to have a better relationship with your children? Learn practical strategies in order to confidently navigate and enjoy parenting.  Learn more..

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"Where did we get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better first we have to make them feel worse?"

Jane Nelsen

"a misbehaving child is a

discouraged child"

Rudolf Dreikers

educator training

Are you a Teacher who feels overwhelmed in the classroom? Do you have misbehaving students (or parents), students refusing to do their work, pressure regarding test scores yet what you really want to do is to connect with and inspire your students more? Learn more ..

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Are you in a leadership role and want to get the most out of your employees?  A manager that wants to create a culture of cooperation and growth mindset?  Or an employee that wants to work in an organization in which the climate is one of looking for win/win scenarios and encouragement? learn more here..

People do better when they feel better



What our Clients are saying..

"An experience like nothing else" - najet abidi

Joy has a clear command on the subject matter—a function of many years in practice. In concert with a bedside manner that can’t be taught, she was able to provide a large group with a range of different circumstances (age of children, cultural backgrounds, etc…) with some very useful take-home value. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
— Daniel Koffler, YPO Parenting Network Learning Officer 2018-2019

Joy has an infectious energy and passion for what she does. We left our training session feeling empowered, informed and excited to put our learning into practice.
— Katie Neiman, Marketing Manager for Soaper Duper

More than a set of strategies or techniques, Positive Discipline is a philosophy that works toward improving relationships and it has made a valuable difference in the ways I connect with my students and with my daughter.
— Bambi Thompson, Teacher and Parent.

I am a secondary teacher and the High School Principal of 3,000 students at Sant Ignasi School in Barcelona. I am also a mother of three children aged 11, 8 and 6. Positive Discipline has made a change both in my school life and in my home.
— Núria Rodríguez Font, Directora de Batxillerat.

One pint-sized and powerful trainer, three days of mind & heart shifting learning. Tons of practical ready to use tools. The Positive Discipline approach has changed my outlook, attitude, and actions in the classroom and finally allowed me to feel truly empowered without it diminishing my students own power as co- creators in the teaching and learning process. Thank you Joy for a workshop that does actually touch, move, inspire and create lasting change. 
— Sasha Robins, high school English Teacher, Al Bayan School, Kuwait

Joy and Kristina engaged the whole room, feedback was overwhelmingly positive and people left the training feeling inspired.
— Heather Day FCA, PGIM Real Estate

The philosophy behind Positive Discipline is very inspirational for us in our dual roles as educators and parents. The three-day seminar consisting of a combination of theory and its practical implementation through role-play and workshops was indeed effective.
— Gabriella Abela and Suzanne Mohnani, Assistant Head and School Counselor, St Aloysius College Sixth Form.
I laughed, I cried, I learned so much!
— Nermeen Sakkal
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