This 6-week class (2 hours/week) is designed to give parents the opportunity to begin to really understand the root cause of their child’s behavior as well as their role in it. It provides parents with valuable tools to build mutually respectful relationships, effectively problem solve issues as they arise, use discipline that teaches important life skills, and practical strategies to confidently navigate and enjoy parenting. It is a unique experiential learning experience, with role-play and group discussions which add to the depth of the learning. Parents receive the book, Positive Discipline, by Jane Nelsen, and are encouraged to complete the assigned readings throughout the class. The instructor also shares supplemental handouts and follow up emails with participants. This is an extremely powerful experience for participants, and many sign up to go through the course multiple times.

A Six-Week Workshop
Learning Objectives:

• Deepen their understanding of the Adlerian approach to parenting by learning how to use mutual respect, cooperation, kindness and firmness at the same time and by seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn.
• Learn why children misbehave and how to respectfully encourage change in ways that eliminate most behavior problems.
• Be given alternatives to stickers, rewards, bribes, prizes, punishment, yelling, spanking.
• Learn positive time out strategies that teach self-regulation.
• Understand ways to avoid power struggles and encourage cooperation.
• Develop a greater understanding of their child’s “unique” temperament.
• Learn how to effectively respond to “misbehavior”.
• Understand supportive sibling dynamics & welcoming a new sibling!


Six-week workshop fee: £230
Couples fee: £350

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