About Joy

Joy has worked as a teacher, trainer, and parent educator in various schools and corporate settings for over 18 years. Her experience teaching in both public and private schools, training managers in large companies and running an educational non-profit organization has helped her understand the unique needs of culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups.

Most recently Joy delivers training and workshops internationally through Positive Discipline UK. Concurrently she also works as a secondary teacher at The American School in London, England, where she successfully implements Positive Discipline in the classroom and delivers teacher training and parent education courses within her school and community.

Joy was first introduced to Positive Discipline while training teachers to work with students in “at risk” schools throughout the boroughs of New York City. At the time she was the Program Director for an educational non-profit organization whose aim was to build resiliency in children. Joy’s own success using the Positive Discipline tools while teaching High School students at Rikers Island Jail is what motivated her to share these tools with others that spent their time with children that displayed extreme behaviour challenges. What she quickly realized is that every child is “at risk” of not fulfilling their true potential and that all children needed to learn these same life skills.

Joy’s Master Degree in Education from Hofstra University is secondary to the education and experience she has achieved from her successes and challenges as a teacher to thousands of students. Joy has a lifelong commitment and passion for child development and education. It is her mission to share her knowledge and experience with both teachers and parents around the globe.

About Nadine

Nadine Gaudin is a Positive Discipline trainer, Parent Educator, and teacher. She has taught for 15 years in Primary Schools in France and has recently resigned in order to focus primarily on Positive Discipline. Nadine has been providing workshops (Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way, Positive Discipline in the Classroom and parenting workshops) around the world, Singapore, Montreal, Egypt, Belgium… The most important part of her actual work is to train the teachers of the public schools of State of Geneva (Switzerland). In addition, she works with the department of training to help with the follow up of PD in the schools. Nadine mainly enjoys doing whole school projects, and helping the schools maintain Positive Discipline long term. She has worked to develop PD in over 40 schools in the past 3 years. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Positive Discipline Association.

Bernard her husband and 3 children (16, 14, 12 years old) help her deepen her understanding of Positive Discipline on a daily basis.

About Karine

Karine graduated from BBA EDHEC Business School and started her career within the retail industry as a senior buyer and then became a category director.

Over the last 13 years, Karine has travelled all around Europe including Central and Eastern Europe where she experienced various educational systems within different countries and cultures, and from which she gained a wide range of experience by confronting diverse pedagogical methodologies, which has enabled her to identify what works best from each system.

When Karine discovered Positive Discipline back in 2011 during a conference, she immediately realized that this approach was assembling and summarizing the ideas she had been gradually building during this period of traveling, living, working and experiencing different countries and cultures.

Karine believes that Positive Discipline provides us with a methodology, which is both simple and efficient at the same time.

It can be applied effectively not only by parents and teachers but also more broadly with other relationships such as partners and colleagues. Since she has personally experienced and introduced Positive Discipline at home not only has her family life been transformed but she has also seen the benefits in her other roles working with young people.

Having seen these benefits at first hand she would like to make the tools available to as many parents, teachers, and caregivers as possible.

Most recently, Karine has been delivering training courses and workshops within the UK for both parents and teachers in French and in English.

As well as Positive Discipline trainer she also has many years experience in coaching people to help them rebalance their emotional systems.

Karine is married to Francois and has 3 children (16,14 and 10) that are bilingual in French and English.